This is a story I started to write a while back. What I have here is as far as I got. I kinda ran out of inspiration. What I have are little scenes or events in mind that I would like to put into the story. The trick is finding a way to do it. I never could organize a story. I hopefully will continue to add more to it. Thank you for reading.

The grass was cool and soft beneath me. A slight breeze blew out of the north bringing a welcome coolness to this summer night. Above me lay the expanse of the heavens. Stars and planets dancing to the eternal music of time. I closed my eyes and breathed in everything around me. The scent of the trees around me, the marigolds that grow at the tree line, the moist earth, and so much more. It all filled my nostrils flowing deep into my lungs bringing a peace and calm to every part of me. How I love to be out here on nights like this. It's almost a sacred time for me. A chance to get away from the world and my work. My work. It's not even the accurate word. Life would be closer to the point. Seeing as how my life is my work. It's amazing to me how I got here. The past few years have been incredible. As memories tumble over each other in my mind I can feel the tension that I come here to loose creeping back up on me.

"Just let it go Mikey...." I think to myself "you are not in charge of the world."

I took in another deep breath, filling myself with the night's sweet aroma once again. I rolled over onto my stomach folding my arms in front of me and laying my head down across them. Closing my eyes I feel my body wanting to sink into the earth below me. Sleep is close upon me.

"Hey! Michael!...." a voice calls out.

"Let's see how long this takes." I say to myself without moving.

I can hear someone coming through the grass from the north. The sounds are most likely about fifty yards away, but with the quiet of this field sound travels without a care.

"Come on Mike...." the voice whines "I hate it when you do this."

I can't help but giggle to myself as I slowly turn back over crossing my arms behind my head. I just love teasing him like this. I would think that he would get better at this after a year. Of course I only come out here from spring to fall. I guess he's still learning the area and figuring out my spots. I can hear him getting closer. Slowly I lift my head above the grass and spot Jacob about twenty yards just ahead of me. He isn't using a flashlight. Good. Time to have some fun. Just as Jacob turns away from me still searching I jump into a crouch and dart for the tree line. Glancing back I can see Jacob moving toward the opposite side of the field still searching for me. I move deeper into the trees for more cover and circle around till I am behind him. Slowly I crouch down into the grass again and crawl on my stomach towards Jacob. Careful not to make a sound. I manage to get right behind him. He still hasn't noticed me.

"Michael I am tired of playing this game with you!" Jacob yells

"Then lets not play. " I say as I jump up and tackle him to the ground.

Jacob lets out a yelp of surprise as I get a hold of him and begins to fight with me as we hit the ground rolling. Jacob struggles with me growling and cursing me.

"Damn it Michael! You always do that!"

"Then you should be used to it" I reply with a laugh.

We're both on our sides his back to me with my arms locked around him. I roll onto my back pulling Jacob with me, he responds by turning around curling up against my side his head on my chest. Jacob gives me a quick thump on my arm for scaring him. All I can do is smile and laugh a little to myself. He is so cute when he's annoyed with me.

"Sorry hon, " I whisper to him tenderly kissing his head "just having a little fun with ya. "

"I know but it still ticks me off." Jacob replies scooting up to face me. "Why don't you tell me when you come out here? Has it ever occurred to you that I might want to join you?"

"You know I need to get away for a bit by myself. Besides I only go as far as the field. I could go into town..."

"Like hell you could!" Jacob says with only mocking anger. "You start doing that and I'll think you have some trick to go see."

"Now you know you are the only man for me" I give him a sly little smile "how could I possibly replace you. My life, my love, my reason for being..."

"Yeah sure, lay it on thick"

" Ok, how's this for ya. " I say as I pull him closer and press my lips to his. Jacob responds pressing his lips tighter against mine. I pull his body closer to mine feeling our body heat combining. Our legs entwining. Time stops for just a moment and then he pulls his lips away with a smile and sigh of contentment.

"Damn you for being so adorable." Jacob says resting his head against my shoulder locking his gaze with mine.

We lay there in the field just enjoying the night. I absent-mindedly rub his back with one hand the other holding his only free hand, his other tucked between him and me.

We must have fallen asleep. When I opened my eyes next the moon had moved further west and long fingers of clouds were creeping across the sky. Jacob was still with me his hand still clasped in mine. Still asleep. He always looks so beautiful when he's asleep. Sometimes I just lay next to him at night and watch him sleep. He looked almost angelic I hated to wake him. Slowly I sat up lifting him as I went. Slowly he stirred, letting his weight rest against me, wrapping his arms around me, and laying his head on my shoulder. So much like a little kid. He would get like that sometimes.

"Where are we?" he asked not opening his eyes.

"We're still in the field" I replied "we must have fallen asleep."

"Let's stay out here all night" Jacob said with a yawn.

"Nope, sorry hon. It looks like a storm is coming in. So it's time to head in." I told him lifting both of us to our feet.

With some grumbling from Jacob we headed back to the house. The hike was a rather short one, about two hundred yards. We followed a deer trail through the woods. The wind began to pick up as we made our way through that narrow corridor in the trees. Leaves above our head whispered of the oncoming storm, sharing secrets only known to nature. The trees gave way to a finely manicured lawn. Our house could be seen only twenty yards ahead. The house was built about three years ago but didn't have the modern style you might expect to see. The house was built in a Queen Victoria style. Two and a half stories of comfy cozy home. A domed green house was attached to the rear of the house and a small garage looking building attached to the back of the green house completed the structure.

We went to the back door of the green house. The green house is one of the prides of our home. Half of it is an actual garden. Fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, and some tropical plants and trees. The other half is a small stone pool surrounded by various trees and plants. A seven foot stepped waterfall feeds the pool from the deep end. A hot tub sits at the top of the waterfall set back a bit giving the illusion that it feeds the rest of the pool. We cross the green house entering the house itself. Jacob is awake now from the walk and heads for the kitchen down the hall. "I'm feel like some ice cream. You want?"

"Sure, sounds good." I say as I turn to my office "I'll be in my office."

Upon entering my office Socks greets me with a yawn picking up her head. She was curled up in my chair as always. With some minor protest I lifted her from the chair and sat down. Socks resumed her catnap on my lap as I called up the company network. Nothing important to worry about at the moment. A few emails from department heads to report on the current status of projects, a couple jokes from my mother as always, and the usual junk mail. Leaving those for later I began the nightly back up of all the databases to the network at the house.

"This will take some time Socks, let's see what what is keeping Jacob and our ice cream." I said as I picked up Socks and headed to the kitchen.

Jacob was just finishing our late night snack. Two heaping bowls of chocolate ice cream, whip cream, sprinkles, and a cherry to top it off.

"Tada! Ice Cream de la Jacob!" Jacob announced with a bow.

All I could do was smile at him. He would always make me smile. Just seeing his eyes when he was happy would lift my spirits. Taking our ice cream into the breakfast nook I slid back into restaurant like booth and stretching my legs out on the seat. Pouting his lower lip Jacob asked "Just where am I supposed to sit?"

"Where ever you can find a seat." I replied.

A wicked smile came across his face and he crawled into my lap sitting between my legs and using my chest as a back rest. "Ah, comfy!"

We ate our ice cream mostly in silence. We would spend time together like this a lot. Just enjoying each others company. When our midnight snack was finished Socks jumped up on the table to clean the dishes. We left her to her work and headed upstairs. Jacob was half asleep the whole way. When we reached the bedroom Jacob flopped down on the bed and curled up on his side. I removed his shoes and socks then sat him up. "Are you asleep or do you just like having me wait on you hand and foot?" I asked him.

"I'd have to say the second one." he replied with a sleepy grin.

"Uh-huh. Well, don't expect it all the time." I said with a matching grin as I pulled his shirt off.

Jacob fell back on the bed again. I bent down and unbuttoned and unziped his jeans. Jacob reached up and pulled my shirt off as I was about to pull off his pants. "That's better" Jacob said as he tossed my shirt to the floor. I pulled his jeans off leaving him in just his boxer briefs grinning at me sleepily. Jacob pulled his legs up and attempted to unbutton my jeans with his feet. I laughed as he fumbled with his toes at my pants. I helped him a bit by unbuttoning them and then he managed to pull down the zipper with his foot. He wrapped his legs around my waist and pulled me closer to the bed and pulled my jeans off when I was close enough. In only my own boxer briefs I leaned over and kissed him deeply. Pulling me down onto the bed Jacob matched my kiss. Jacob pulled back from our kiss and nussled close into my neck planting a small kiss there with a sigh. "Oh sure, get me all hot and then leave me hanging" I said teasing him.

Jacob's response was to tickle my side. Jumping I pushed him back playfully.

"Don't you like me anymore?" Jacob asked sill tickling me.

Laughing I grabbed his hands, rolled him onto his back, and pinned him there strattling his waist and sitting on him. "No fair!" he hollered.

"Do you give?" I asked as he mock struggled to get free.

With a final twist and push he stopped and gave in. I let go of his hands and leaned back sitting up. Jacob reached up and drew circles on my stomach "I love you." he said looking deep into my eyes. I pulled him up and kissed him wrapping my arms around him, his hands still on my stomach. "I love you too."

Standing up on the bed I jumped off the bed and pulled him with me. We turned down the bedding. Jacob picked up the clothes from the floor and dropped them near the hamper. As he made his way back to the bed I reached out and gave his butt a pinch and then made my way to the light switch to turn off the lights. "Hey!" Jacob exclaimed from the pinch and gave me a slap on my butt. Laughing softly I turned off the lights and pulled him with me to the bed and under the covers. I rolled onto my right side and Jacob snuggled up close to me spooning as we had done earlier in the field. Soon we were asleep.

I know, it's a teaser of an ending. I didn't start this story intending to write another porno-fic. I don't know if I will ever pick it up again.