Promises made and promises broken.

You say things to me that make my heart jump
the tone in your voice makes me believe
when I'm with you I feel like what you say is true
and yet you hide something from me.

What are you hiding, why are you hiding?
Why do you play these games?
I can't seem to understand you
who are you, what are you?

You come to me when you have a need
money, items, and deadlines to meet.
You tell me you'll come by,
you tell me you want to see me.

All the while I'm sinking, I'm dying
and soon I may find myself in the dark, alone.
Alone all over again and as it has always been.

Please don't lie to me, please don't promise me
unless you mean it. If you want nothing to do with me
then so be it and walk away and let me move on.

Promises made and promises broken
and I can never trust anyone's word again