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My little coming out story

I came out to my parents and my brother in October of 1997. I had decided to wait until I had been out of the house and attending ISU. I thought it was the was the best possible chance. I wrote my parents a letter during coming out week at ISU and told them the whole story. How this was not some faze that I was going through because I was at college. I told them that I had known since I was at least thirteen and even then I wasn't sure what things were. It wasn't until high school that I was able to really figure things out and come to terms with it. I only came out to one friend in high school and stayed closeted to everyone else. I was extremely frightened to tell anyone. The fear of being severely beaten or possibly killed was a large part of that fear, but I also was more afraid of loosing my friends and family. I think that coming out to my parents the way I did helped them and myself deal with things. Now my parents seem to be getting better. Mom has stopped little hints about changing my mind. She knows that it won't happen, but she still hopes. Bless her heart. I really don't know what my Dad thinks. We never have talked about it and I don't expect we ever will. My brother seems to be the most at ease with everything. We have never sat down and talked about it, but when I had a party a while back and told my brother about it he gave me a sarcastic "Oh sure, have a party and don't invite your brother!" I told him that he probably would be uncomfortable. He asked why and I said that it would be mostly gay men there. He said, "So, that doesn't matter." So it seems like he is ok with things. Below I have links to two emails that I had sent out about a bad episode at ISU. It's the only bad thing that has happened to me and I hope it is the only thing. I so want to say that please don't let this one little incident dissuade you from attending ISU or change your perspective of it in a bad way. ISU can and is very gay friendly. Sure there are bad apples that spoil things. But there are a lot of friends around. More than you might imagine.

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