Tony's Collection of Links

Drews Script-O-Rama
A wonderful site with film and television scripts. Want the script from you favorite movie head here.
TLA Video
Looking for an odd or hard to find movie? This site seems to have a lot of lost movies plus all our favorites.
Internet Movie Database
I love this site. I can find all sorts of info about movies and actors. I've settled various movie trivia arguments with this site.
Wolfe Video
This is a great Gay and Lesbian movie company.

(Are we seeing a pattern here? :-) )

Barnes and Noble
This is my favorite book store! I spend way too much money there. Most of the time I walk out with three, four, five books. Oh well, could be worse.
Anne Rice Website
I love Anne's books. Especially the Vampire Chronicles.
Christopher Rice Website
How could I leave out Christopher. As you may have guessed he's the son of Anne Rice. He had two books out and so far I've read his first. It's great! Go check it out.
I'm a Coca-holic.
Gay Male Stories
A great amature gay erotic fiction site. Ok most of them are sex, sex, sex, but I've found some really good stories. You just have to search.
Site dedicated to the movie Beutiful Thing
This was one of the fist gay movies I've seen and as many others had fallen in love with it. By the way I had a boyfriend that looked a lot like Ste.
The Backstreet Boys
What? You seem surprised.....I love BSB!!!
Another great Backstreet site!
Last Exit to Springfield
A very nice Simpsons site if you are a fan. All sorts of multimedia, episode guids, games, chat, a very well rounded site.

That's it for now.