Life's Game

What is the plan for me? What is the plan for my heart? It's like someone is playing a game with my heart, my emotions. First I am tempted, drawn to a man. A man who is tall but not so tall. Strong muscular legs, arms, and back. A smile that warms my heart and my emotions. Sparking the kindling of desire for him. For a time we pass each other, not comming into contact except through an annual crossing along the road of life. And then, our roads join. It begins with a gentle touch, a carful caress. Our eyes meet and we know that we want each other, but if this is pure passion or pure love. We lean into a gentle kiss. The moist warmth of his lips meet mine and I fall into his arms. His strong arms wrap around me and hold me close as if he means to meld our bodies together. Our individual warmth joins in this bond becoming one. A kiss, caress, touch, hug. All this and more go on. I feel like this may be the one whom I might spend a good portion of my life with. This is someone I want to walk the road of life with for as long as we can be together. We begin our journey together. Happy and full of joy. But then the shadow of something dark and devious falls on us and we are split. The road forks but doesn't separate too far. We now walk side by side, I want so much to cross that median and join our paths again. This is the battle that I must fight, I want to win this turn, this hand, this game. Perhaps I will. The game goes on.