Fun Stuff

These are various pages I have made over the life of my site. From pages of random pictures, to jokes, a couple of celebrity fan pages, and maby even something a bit naughty..... ;-)

A small collection of jokes and stories I recieved mostly through email. We all get these from time to time and I saved a few of my favorites.

Life Lessons
Again something from emails. Once in a while among the jokes you get stories that touch your heart or make you think twice about your life.


Nick Carter
Yes, I admit it. I love the man! Ever since I started listening to Backstreet Boys I have love that blonde hottie that is Nick. So here is a collection of pictures. A small sample mind you of my collection of pics.
John Hensley
This young cutie has been seen in Madigan Men, The Sapranos, and Witchblade. The last of which is where I first saw him and so far since. So I did some captures and now present them to you.

Picture Book
A collection of random pictures I have found either through surfing or in newsgroups. Things I thought were pretty interesting or maby said something about me.

Games and Gaming

Java Games
This is a couple of java applet type games I found somewhere on the net. Some fun online diversions.

Runescape Banner
A 3D MMORPG that plays within your browser and is java based. A fun game that can be played on any computer. Great for those who like crafting in mmos.

Adventure Quest Banner
This is a really neat and fun flash rpg that I stumbled across while reading one of the online comics I read.

From the makers of AventureQuest, another free online flash MMORPG.

Undead Assault by Artix Entertainment
The folks at AdventureQuest have released another flash game. A small quick arcade like game to enjoy!!

DragonFable FireSpawn by AdventureQuest
Another flash minigame from AdventureQuest!!

If you enjoyed Undead Assult or Dragonfable FireSpawn, then check out They have a lot more mini games from the fine folks at Artix Entertainment.