Dear Friends,

First I would like to thank those of you who have emailed me in response to my episode yesterday. It's great to know that I have friends out there who will help me when I need it. I would now like to inform you as to what has happened since last night.

After I had finished writing the email that I sent and attaching all of the appropriate addresses to it that I could, I returned to my room. I then sat down to study for a final that I had today. About ten minutes passed and the phone rang. The call was from V.P. Tom Hill. He apparently was working late and had just received my email. He began by expressing his concern for my safety and emotional state. He then asked if the residence hall had been contacted. I told him that I was going to talk to my RA, but he wasn't in when I tried. He suggested that I go talk to my RA when I got off the phone with him. He wanted a report made that night while everything was still fresh. The call was finished a few moments later and I proceeded to my RA's room. His sign was marked out, but I knocked anyway since he doesn't always change it from out to in. There was no answer so I headed back to my room to wait and think of what to do next. As I turned to head back I noticed that a large number of my fellow house members were congregated at the far end of the hall. I continued to my room and as I turned the corner I heard someone say "That guy's a fucking faggot.", I decided to ignore the comment and just get back to my room. Then I heard someone running down the hall. I turned to see it was my neighbor from across the hall. He stopped at the end of the hall and didn't move any further. He had reached the end of the hall just as I was getting to my door and inside. This action prompted me to call Tom Hill back at the number that he had provided me with. There was no answer, so I left a message detailing the added incident. I then decided to call DPS not knowing what the intentions of my house members were. DPS sent out two officers to take a statement and file a report. First I told them about both incidents and offered to give them a copy of the email that I had sent out to have a documented copy of the fist incident. We proceeded to the computer lab to make a copy of the email. The officers also took down the name of my neighbor for further investigation. They escorted me back to my room and then left. I then called a few friends for some comfort and support.

The next morning I received a call from Tom Hill's assistant who was following up on my message from the night before. I updated him and also gave him the case number of the DPS report. He again encouraged me to talk to my RA. To keep things short, I spent the majority of my day talking to my RA about the incident and to Houston. Houston also had me talk to one of the directors of the UDA (I can't recall her name at the moment).

So far there have been no further confrontations. At the moment I believe that things have quieted down and will do so for the remainder of the week. The feeling that I get is that things have returned back to the way they were before, to a point. I do get a feeling of added tension. Although I think that this tension will not result in any more confrontations. I think that none of my house members truly want to leave the first semester of this year on a bad note to coin a phrase. Thankfully I have a couple of days till my last final and it is my favorite class of this semester. So I think I'll do fine in that one. Again I thank you for your support and want you to know that I will not let these people drive me from my home or this school. We must stand our ground if we are to get anything done, and I'm standing right here.

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