Bad Episode

Dear friends,

I had a disturbing and anger-provoking episode today while I was studying for a final. I was sitting at my desk, which is positioned close to the door, when I heard a ripping noise from my door. At once I knew that someone was tearing down my Safe Zone sticker. I immediately opened the door to see that my assumption was true. As I glanced down the hall I saw my neighbor from across the way walking away from our doors. (I must note here that there was another person who I couldn't make out that was walking ahead of him. I'll explain this in a moment.) I immediately wanted to yell at this person, but didn't since I wasn't sure if he was actually responsible. I then returned to my room and called a friend to vent a little and for some support. She said that she would be down shortly. After hanging up, I took out the Alliance poster I had gotten from the Alliance office to replace the one that had been ripped down from our floor bulletin board. I hung that on my door along with a note expressing my displeasure with my sticker being torn down when the person could have talked with me about his problem first. When my friend arrived we went to supper. When we came back the Alliance poster was still up. After a while I went to my final for the evening. When I returned home from the final my neighbor, who I suspected tore down the sticker originally, was just leaving his room and told me that he wasn't responsible and that he had left a note with my roommate about it. As I was closing the door I noticed a sign on his door. It read: "Gays are good for something---they make great punching bags." This enfuriated me and then I found the note on my desk that read: "I wasn't the one who had ripped down your sticker, but the Alliance poster does offend me. I again called a couple of friends leaving messages on their machines explaining the situation. Shortly after that my neighbor knocked on my door and again stated that he didn't take down the sticker and he was telling me this because I had given him, in his words, an "evil look" earlier. I replied by saying that that was the reason I had put my note on the door, and he left.

I don't know who committed this HATE CRIME or why. Past instances of hate-directed, bigoted, marginalizing propaganda have propagated in our halls and doorways for too long. This behavior only encourages threats and hatred directed toward our community. We must demand that action is taken to resolve this problem and prevent future instances of hate-directed actions before any students are hurt or killed!

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